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I’ve been an avid writer my whole life. 

Now that I am a published author, I’ve come to see how writing has been my constant in so many ways. One of the forms I miss the most is a letter. I used to write such long letters! My great aunt once received a letter from me as a precocious teenager and replied to tell me my content was great but my handwriting was terrible. I sent the next letter in perfect italic script, having done a three month crash course in calligraphy.

We rarely receive letters these days but I have discovered the joys of a newsletter and it’s replacing my rather erratic blog posts here.


Newsletters are BIG. Everywhere you look on marketing all the advice is to write a newsletter.



Write a newsletter about what?!

I wasn’t convinced until I took the news~ part of the newsletter away and realised it was just a letter. To my readers, about all the things that I hope we share, and possibly some of the things we might not know about each other.

When I thought about writing a letter, I got excited, remembering all the letters I enjoyed writing before paper and pen became a bit old-fashioned in our modern world. I always loved finding bits and bobs while I was out and about that I could include in my letters. Who doesn’t love a surprise parcel after all?

It became evident that my ‘letter’ would have to include some gifts. And as I connect with readers not just as an author, but as a reader as well, I thought it would be a great chance to share some of the books I’ve been reading and enjoying.

And, finally, what I love most about the idea of a letter, is that you’re always writing about what’s new, what’s changing, what’s opening up for you in life. A letter captures the next chapter in my life.

So, welcome to The Next Chapter, a love letter from me to you about this crazy thing called life that we bookworms negotiate with books.

It’s goes out monthly on the 15th, which is my favourite day of the month. All my subscribers are automatically entered in the draw for that month’s goodies. Each month will have a theme, and along the way I hope you’ll write back and share a little part of yourself with me too.

Some months will resonate with you, some may not. I hope you’ll stick with me but remember, you can always unsubscribe if your life and inbox get a bit too busy.

Marianne Rosen portrait