Marianne Rosen portrait


There’s no doubt the character cast in Riverdell is large. A bit like going to your partner’s first family Christmas, you can feel like you’ll never understand who’s related to who.

My advance readers’ encouraged me to create this fun family tree to help get to know the Threlfall family and other key characters at a glance.

Now this could have been a large rabbit hole to fall down! I found some assistance by looking at other literary genealogy. 


Starting any post with a Google search on genealogy is a sure fire way to get lost for hours. So, rather than looking at family trees, I decided to look at how other novels tackle the character cast.

Cue, Wuthering Heights. This must be the neatest character cast I’ve ever seen. They basically all marry each other. Talk about keeping it simple!

So, after an evening’s session drawing on Publisher I delivered this handy diagram to my advance readers.

Marianne Rosen portrait